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Full Charge Bookkeeper

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A full charge bookkeeper is a full-time employee of your business. A full charge bookkeeper is an individual who is solely responsible for the record keeping, prepare financial reports and report to a business owner or manager. The full charge bookkeeper's job description should clearly outline the primary responsibilities and tasks of the bookkeeper for any organization.

This position is most commonly with large organizations or corporations where core works of the bookkeeper job remain unchanged. Though core education for a bookkeeper may an associate degree or bookkeeping technician with accounting knowledge will be an added advantage to the business.

What are bookkeeper's primary job responsibilities?

The full charge bookkeeper position is for an individual, who has to keep records, post financial transactions, perform bank and credit card reconciliation and help in preparing financial reports. He should be capable to interact with external auditors for audit purposes.

A business does financial transactions and bookkeeper record these financial transactions to check cash flow of the business. Bookkeeper's job is to convert financial transactions into to accounting journals and post into accounting software for supporting documents as invoices to customers, bills from vendors, cash receipts, and credit card transactions. The bookkeeper accountant also reconciles each bank and credit card accounts to ensure accuracy posting into accounting software.

Job Description - responsibilities of a bookkeeper toward business?

  • Monitor day to day financial transactions.
  • Post financial transactions to accounting software.
  • Verify transactions recorded in the correct day book, suppliers ledger, customer ledger and general ledger.
  • Prepares schedules and reports as requested by clients and partners.
  • Code and record accounts receivable and payable.
  • Ensure prompt collection of receivables.
  • Record cash receipts and make bank deposits.
  • Receives, examine vendor invoices for accuracy and post.
  • Keeps track of client assets.
  • Bring the books to the trial balance
  • Prepare tax ready financial statements
  • Tag and maintain fixed assets
  • Provide information to the external accountant who creates the company's financial statements
  • Assemble information for external auditors for the annual audit
  • Handles emails.

Job Experience of a bookkeeper toward business?

  • Data entry skill with skill to understand numbers
  • High degree of accuracy and attention to detail
  • Bookkeeping experience including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger and financial reports.
  • Experience to operate calculator, computer, and other general office equipment.
  • Proficiency in English and in MS Office
  • Experience of computerized accounting.
  • Must be able to keep client matters strictly confidential.

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Irrespective of size of your business, you need a affordable bookkeeper help. Instead of waiting for year end to do bookkeeping, it is a wise business decision to do it weekly or at least monthly. It is best and easy to correct errors and mistakes early, as information will be much more fresh in your mind when bookkeeping is done regularly. Read More
Why business owner should spend time on core business activities?

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